2.1 – Can You Paint With All The Colours Of The Wind?

I don’t know, can you?

Apparently, yes.

Welcome to Generation 2!!! We have some housekeeping duties to get through before we can get stuck into our dearest Blake’s newfound non-autonomy.

Firstly, I mentioned before that this generation was going to have a lot of colour, and that’s exactly right! When I started Gen 1, it had an ISBI-twist which then became a full-blown ISBI, and in this generation, we’re going to be bringing in some Rainbowcy elements!

For the record, I’ve never actually seen a clean set of rules for the Rainbowcy, I’ve only gleaned things from other blogger’s heir rules, so please don’t yell at me if I have things wrong.

Obviously our main heir-choosing deal will be if the Insane trait is locked in at birth. But if it so happens that none of the eligible heirs have it locked in (such as in Gen 1) I’m employing the Rainbowcy rules as a kind of secondary method of heir-choosing.

The heir will be automatically chosen based on which one either meets all the criteria or (if none of them do) which one meets the most criteria.

The criteria are as follows:

-Blake’s skin (or just a normal skintone, I guess, since all my Spouse potentials have a colourful skin)
-Spouse’s hair colour
-Spouse’s eye colour
-Spouse’s occult status (if applicable)

I’ll introduce everyone I moved into town further down a bit, but right now we need to get our Torch Holder’s title card out of the way.



You’ll have to ignore the cloud of stink emanating from his armpit, I’d planned on getting a better picture but ultimately forgot.

(Don’t worry, getting him to shower was the very first thing I controlled him into doing)


A new Generation means a new house, and I get to remind the world how absolutely terrible I am at building anything fancier than the most basic houses.

My eyes still haven’t recovered from Ari’s pink monstrosity, so for now the only colour theme in the house is that all wood is white.


And here’s the interior! I am doing colour-coded bedrooms and beds, so for now Blake’s is blue and black, and I’ll replace the black with whatever his Spouse’s colour happens to be.

Also you may notice (but probably not, because I didn’t) that in these pictures Cole has no bed. That’s because I managed to completely forget his existence while building the house. Yeah, that actually happened. I did later remember and switch out Zahara’s bed for a bunkbed, but I don’t think he’s forgiven me for it.

With that out of the way, it’s time to introduce the new additions to the town! Fair warning, I don’t have a lot of creativity when it comes to names so many of them have the same surname and very obvious first names. The more unique names I will explain a later date, because the method I used to get their names is what I’ll be using for this Gen’s kiddos’ names.


First things first I’m the realest we have these eight pretties inhabiting the old Alto house (don’t ask me where the Altos moved to, I have no idea). I’ll give you some info about them:

The fella on the left is Red Skies, married to the girl in all white, Crystal. I made them for a Rainbowcy that never really went anywhere. The other six were all created for an ISBI I started a year ago and am almost to Gen 6 now. Their surnames are all the same because I was moving them into the family anyway and couldn’t be bothered thinking up a new surname.

Green girl in the middle at the back is Lime Pie, the founder, and purple fella next to her is Blackberry, her husband. Their daughter Raspberry took over as heir, and pink girl at the front is Candy Floss, her wife. Their daughter Jam was heir, and blue boy at the front is Blueberry, her husband. Their daughter Nightshade took over (the first automatic heir, actually) and the rocker vampire chick in the middle is Vanilla, her wife. Then finally (finally!) their son Gelato became heir and orange guy at the back is Orange, his husband.

God, that was a lot of writing. I played that ISBI without Story Progression and without randomising Gender Preference, so I just rotated between male and female spouses. A good system, but it got boring quick.


The next eight were moved into the old Wolff house, and these guys all have more creative names.

First off, the three blue vampire brothers and the girl in red behind them were created for a Perfect Genetics challenge. The boys (from furthest away to nearest) are Azure, Astral and Boston Skies, and the girl is Apple Blossom Fields. Then The girl with pink hair at the front is Almond Ebony, created for a random ISBI in which I think I used the Skies brothers, the pink hair-and-skin girl at the back is Persian Plum Skies, and I have no idea what I created her for. Oh, and the yellow girl and purple guy are married, their names are Alizarin and Bitter Lime Skies. They were created for an ISBI in an empty world, and they had a kid called Dim Grey which still makes me laugh.


Here’s a better look at everyone. Alizarin and Bitter Lime are both fairies, although their wings hadn’t appeared yet when I took this picture.


And finally, my two simselves! They’re in Gobias Koffi’s old house and neither of them is spouse material for Blake (way too creepy, thank you very much), but they’re around town for entertainment purposes, because I like seeing what they get up to with Story Progression. Yes, I did have to put in the vanilla one and the berry one, and yes they absolutely do need to have the exact same outfits because I’m lazy, okay???

I should mention that I have them in as sisters, because I had to NRaas their Gender Preferences to Bisexual for the purposes of Realism™ and I knew that if I didn’t have them down as siblings they’d end up dating each other *shudder*.


These are my traits, in case anyone was interested. I genuinely find it hard condensing myself into only five traits, but these ones are the best to work with (the Socially Awkward trait fits me so well, but it’s such a fucking nuisance).

And then I went and randomised the town’s Gender Preference. And then I went and slammed my head against a wall.


These are all the girls out of those I moved in who like boys. Yep, take away my two simselves and you’re left with two who are married and only one (ONE!) other sim. ABHJSABFBAWBFAJVBAJBV (but ignore Lee Flores, I don’t know who that is)

*deep breath* sorry. I’m just very irritated that Blake is straight and doesn’t like guys at all or this would be a lot easier.

Anyway, enough about the house and spouse potentials, let’s get back to actually playing the game!


Straight in, huh Zahara?

I didn’t get a picture of her actually doing it, but I had to reset her because she encountered the non-refilling-bladder-bar glitch and would’ve kept peeing otherwise. -5


And thank you Dara, for joining her. -5

I sent Blake into town to get a job and buy a charisma book and the like, and the only interesting thing I got from it was this:


“Such a good person to work with”….SHE WAS NEVER THERE! She’d only been back to work less than a week at this point, they barely knew her!

Like I said, that was all that happened with Blake in town, but I sent him off to the Wolff house to meet Apple Blossom, since she’s basically our best bet at a spouse.


Bitter Lime, Boston, Astral, Persian Plum, Blake & Alizarin: Pool.

Azure & Apple Blossom: No pool.

Guess the two Hydrophobic Sims.

He talked to Apple Blossom for a very short amount of time, and then I sent him over to meet Alizarin because hey, I’m not against splitting up marriages, especially ones that I personally created.


I don’t think she’s totally against it either.


Blake: Please…your magic fairy sparkles…I want them…

Alizarin: Yeah sure. S’not like I was using them or anything.


Sam and Kaylynn became official that night, and then nothing more happened until the morning (wow, what a productive first chapter).


And when morning came, I had Blake invite over his Romantic Interest from Prom, Brenda, so he could break up with her. They proceeded to engage in the most awkward handshake I’ve ever seen.


Blake: Lemme just…grasp your index and middle fingers here.

He did ask her to be just friends, but there was no reaction than a “eh, alright” which may have something to do with the fact that she’s still a teenager so keeping them together would be weird. It’s also why I didn’t get a picture, because I was expecting her to do the whole “WHAT THE HELL” deal that the adults do.


Oh yeah, and it was Graduation Day! I was going to wait until he’d peed and showered before manually sending him out, but then EA pulled this shit on me. Thanks.


Ah, Mass Door Confusion.

Zahara: Mother…please…get your face out of my skull.

Dara: ????Huh???


Yeah, he’s totally going to offend people with his 4 good traits, the only bad one being Insane. That absolutely makes sense. 100%.


Obligatory diploma toss pic. Also note the snow. In Spring. It was snowing. In Spring.

Ari: Uhhh???


Later that night, I sent him out for more Spouse Hunting.


Apple Blossom wasn’t at home, but Alizarin was, in her new home she’d moved to with Bitter Lime. I’m also reminded that all my Sims were made pre-Seasons so they get hideous Outerwear. Too bad I’m far too lazy to fix it.

Alizarin: Blake, right? Hi again.

Blake: You’re the same colour as a banana. I’m very hungry.


This came up when he complimented her home, I think. I don’t know why that equals “yeah, I hate kids” but anyway. Her and her husband both dislike children, which made for some very entertaining gameplay.


This however, does not make for very entertaining gameplay. -5


And when one twin goes down, the other must follow. -5


Love Day arrives! I got the notification just as Ari and Leighton were finishing up a makeout session in the living room.


Triple birthday! Gee, it would suck if I forgot about all three of these, huh?


Samlynn are engaged now!


And Blake rolled a wish to head off to the Spring Festival so I thought ‘eh, why not’. I also thought this would be a good opportunity for some more Spouse Hunting, so we originally called Alizarin, but she said a big nope, so next on our list was Apple Blossom.


She arrived and immediately started talking about how much she hates water, but Blake was into it so it was fine.


But apparently “into it” was meant platonically. Yikes.

At this point I should probably mention that Apple Blossom has a boyfriend, on day two of being moved in. She’s not even the fastest of my premades, my vanilla simself and Blackberry Pie were engaged by this stage, but they did break up.


Wow, nice of you to invite us, Sammy. Not like we raised you or anything.


Apparently Blake is the number-one source of gossip in this town, however.


I tried him out with a flirt, but it didn’t go so well.

Blake: You have a really nice smile.

Apple Blossom: The fuck?

I think what we’ve learnt from this exchange is that AB is difficult to please. If a hot boy said that to me I’d be reduced to a puddle on the floor.


I also found the “Consider Attrativeness” interaction. I’d been looking for it since the first night they met, turned out it moved from Friendly to Romantic and I have no idea how that happened. But no matter, 10/10! They also have compatible signs.


And then finally, things started to change.

Apple Blossom: Wow! How’d you know red was my favourite colour?

Blake: Uh, lucky guess?

This also turned the group outing into a date, and my poor heart thought things couldn’t go wrong.


I was thanking all my stars for the Irresistible trait, and the interactions that come with it. ‘Wink’ worked fine, and he even rolled a wish to eat in a restaurant, which I had all queued up and everything.


And then I went for ‘Blow a Kiss’.


That’s an ‘ew’ face if ever I saw one.


Thank you, Apple Blossom, for not even giving us a chance to fix things.


And thank you, EA, for rubbing it in.

So I sent him off to the restaurant, alone.


I didn’t get a shot of him going in, but I did get this super nice shot while he was in and eating.


Vanilla Pie, one of my favourite premades ever, was there too, showing off the Loves to Swim trait that I totally forgot she had.


I didn’t really have much else to do while Blake was eating, so have a gratuitous picture of Vanilla looking heartbreakingly gorgeous even with a stinkface.


And speaking of heartbreak, look who just turned up.


I got pulled back to the homestead twice to tell me that the twins were aging (oops). Born Saleswoman is such a useless trait, but Dramatic Dara has a nice ring to it.



Yes, I went for the flirt again. Yes, I’m also an idiot. Yes, I totally knew this was coming.

Oh, and as if our night couldn’t get any worse:


Don’t mind me, I’m just eating chocolates, crying, and yelling “LOVE ISN’T REAL”.


I feel you, Elle, I feel you.


Blake, our regular gossip, is apparently telepathic, because this happened almost straight after I got the Story Progression pop-up.


Admittedly, I got a little too excited when this happened.


Which is exactly why this happened.


Apple Blossom: What the FUCK, dude? We JUST became friends, and suddenly you think you can kiss me?

Blake: I’m sorry, I’m not in full control of my actions!

Me: *whistles innocently*


Apple Blossom: Fuck this, I’m out. *clicks car keys*

Almond & Random kid in background: God, watching all this drama is exhausting.

So I sent Blakey home, because it was like 2am by now. While he was on his way, I panned back home to give the twins their makeovers.


Yara is gorgeous, but I think she’s an Ari faceclone, so that goes without saying.

Cole: So, you think you can just forget about me? You think you can just not give me a bed without a second thought. Well jokes on you, I’m moving out in a few days, and then you’ll miss me! You’ll all miss me!

Sweetie, you’re talking to a mirror.


With Yara being a faceclone, then Dara is automatically one too. He is unbelievably adorable though (again, goes without saying).

Take this final picture of the chapter and then join me in my pit of depression:


*ugly sobbing*

So that’s it for this chapter! As soon as I get back into playing, I’m creating a household of 8 girls and moving them in. And then I’m sending Blake to meet all the straight ones. We will absolutely find him a wife, I swear it!

Coming up next chapter will hopefully be a wife for Blake and we’ll say our farewells to Cole (he has 2 days left I believe). Oh, and Ari will actually age up since apparently automatic ageing didn’t get her with the twins.


Self-Wettings (-5): 19 (-95)
Pass-Outs (-5): 20 (-100)
Fires (-5): 4 (20)
Failing School (-20): 1 (-20)
Demotion (-20):
Getting Fired (-30):
Accidental Deaths (-10):
Social Worker Visits (-10):
Births (+5): 6 (+30)
Twin Births (+10): 1 (+10)
Triplet Births (+15):
Fulfilling LTW (+40): 1 (+40)
Honour Roll (+5):
Randomising every Trait + LTW for a Generation (+10): 1 (+10)
Not using Spares’ Happiness Points for a Generation (+10): 1 (+10)
Every $100,000 (+20):
Having an NPC Reach Top of their Career (+50):

Good: +100
Bad: -235
Total: -135


3 thoughts on “2.1 – Can You Paint With All The Colours Of The Wind?

  1. somebodysangel13 says:

    I think the whole “heir must have x genetics” thing is more a Perfect Genetics challenge than a Rainbowacy, at least the ones I’ve seen. But either way, sounds like fun…though you might end up with a ton of kids trying to get a perfect heir.

    Ouch, only 3 non-simselves that like men? Methinks your gay chance might be too high. But at least they’re all pretty, even if AB is a bit of a biach. Keep going Blake, you’ll hook her in the end!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rebecca says:

      Yeah, I have no idea. Like I said, I’ve never seen a clean set of rules for a Rainbowcy but the blog that introduced me to it (back when I was into tumblr sims blogging) used those rules of founder’s skin/spouse’s eyes/spouse’s hair so anytime I’ve played I’ve just kinda used those for myself. As for the perfect heir, because I’m using the Rainbowcy rules as a kind of secondary heir-choosing method, I’m going to base it on who has most of the criteria rather than who has all of it.

      For the gay chance, I always do it on 50% because I like it to be as balanced as possible, but I’m guessing the “balance” was more weighed towards the girls rather than the guys. But no matter, things get better next chapter 😉.


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