1.9 – The End (Of The Beginning)

Hello and welcome to the final chapter of Genertion One! It only took us six months to get here, but boy am I glad it’s over. Not that I don’t love Ari, but I have plans for Gen 2 that I was eager to get started on.

This is an even more special (because apparently ‘specialer’ isn’t a word) chapter because right now it’s 11:45pm which means it’s still July 20th which means it’s still my birthday!!! Being 19 feels no different to being 18, and I suspect this trend will continue until I die. Great!

I was going to explain what I eventually decided with the whole heir thing, but actually I’ll keep it as a surpise, but by the end of this chapter it may not be such a surprise.

I suggest getting a cup of tea or something, because we have 142 pictures to get through. So let’s get started!

And who better to begin our descent into madness final chapter than Ann Adcock, the woman who lives in the park across the street!

I also heard no further mention of her after this moment except on SP where she apparently had a toy boy or something, and then promptly died.

Oh yeah, Zahara was born at the end of the last chapter! She is very cute, and was put straight to work gettin’ them skills up.


Cole – having not learnt from setting the whoopie cushion off in the other beanie chair – set the whoopie cushion off in this beanie chair. I’m annoyed I didn’t get another screenshot of him looking embarrassed, but I only found out he’d done it when I heard the fart noise, and by then it was too late.


Alex is such a good big brother. That was really the only point of this screenshot but hey, it was a good point to make.


Good big brothers can also have a rebellious streak, and can also be stupid enough to try and prank the kitchen sink when Ari is directly behind him (I said yes).


It’s difficult to stay mad at him when he does things like this. It’s just a shame Cole looks like he’s dead inside.


Spooky Day! I wanted to send the family off to the Autumn Festival but it rained all day.


Luckily our favourite bandmate Pauline invited us out.


This was cute but I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone actually saying “Teeheehee” in my life. Also I don’t know what costume she’s talking about, because she didn’t change into one.


We found Pauline in the backyard thinking about the bandages she would use to mend her wounded pride.


Gee, I would never have guessed that he was rich, especially considering he married a Goth and is living in a mansion.


We have our first trick-or-treater! This is Drew Landgraab, Nancy and Geoffrey’s second child.

He hung out there for a while and I didn’t think anyone could do anything about it because there were no interactions coming up for him.


It was alright though because Blake went to the door (like the sweetheart he is).


Blake looks so menacing here.

Blake: Oh boy, free candy!


Thank you, Cole, you’re no help at all. -5


Then Ari slapped me in the face with the reminder of the pregnancy I didn’t want her to have.

Ari: You agreed to it.

Yes. Yes I did. And I’m not happy about it. Also look! Now Blakey’s being a good big brother.


But that still doesn’t mean he’s perfect, -5.

(Just kidding, he is still perfect <3)


As irritating as her colouring is to me, Zahara is very cute.


Naturally, Leighton is the first one to make use of the sandpit.


We also had our first alien visitor! I don’t remember his first name very well – it was Exabo or Exago or something like that – but his surname was Vajjavoo. I remember that because it sounds like what an 11-year-old might say to censor the word ‘vagina’.


Zahara: *is pouty*

My Heart: *has melted*


Sam and Cornelia are still around, but who knows how long that’ll last.


I was very confused when I saw this, as I thought all the kids had gone to school. I had a check and saw that Alex and Blake were both at home, so either something glitched and they weren’t able to or they just didn’t bother. I want to say it was the first one, but my heart knows it was probably the second.


I guess money can’t buy happiness :/


Despite not actually being at school, I did get pop-ups from their field trip. This one was mildly terrifying.


I’d love to find out how he’s making french fries while standing around in a bathroom. That’s definitely something I’d like to learn.


All skills complete, Zahara gets to age up!


The celebrations were cut short by Ari going into labour.

Leighton, Blake and Cole: AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH

Alex: Can’t we ever just have a normal celebration?


She’s still cute (naturally) but at this point I decided to do some digging, so I started a new game and went into Sunset Valley.


This here is Yumi Sekemoto, Leighton’s mother, aged down to a Young Adult. You will notice she has the gross brown hair that the kids were inheriting, the one that made me want to smack my head against a wall every time it showed up.

On the plus side though, at least they’re only inheriting her hair colour and not her chin or Leighton’s nose.


From the back and also the colour codes. It’s not a green like I’d first thought, but it is a dark yellow, which really is just as bad.


My ‘welcome back’ to regular playing was Leighton throwing out errors. Thanks, buddy.


Zahara shows us how not to do life by passing out in the snow. -5

I think it’s time to introduce the result of Ari’s final pregnancy!


Welcome Dara Kalaya! I really wanted to pick an Irish name since I’m Northern Irish and love anything Gaelic, so Dara it was.

Now that I know that the gross hair is genetic, I can’t really complain about it. I can however complain about those blue eyes because why.


Time for Cole to get all teenagery.

Oh, and guess what?


Yara joined us too! Yeah, I wasn’t expecting twins at all but it was a pleasant surprise. She’s basically a face clone of her twin brother, except she has longer eyelashes. She also had a trait locked in, but it was Can Apprehend Burglar? I’ve never seen that getting locked in before, in fact I didn’t even know it was possible seeing as it’s a Hidden Trait. Obviously it doesn’t show up on her trait panel but I’m very interested by it.


Yara shows us that she really doesn’t want to talk, and Ari’s face is almost a perfect mirror of my face the whole way through these two’s days as toddlers. Seriously, they were nightmares.


I can’t fully remember why these two weren’t at school, whether it was a glitch or they just didn’t go or what, but isn’t Blake adorable.

(Pfffttt…favourites? What favourites?)



Big…brother…of the…..year….?


List of Good Things to do by Alexander Kalaya #36: Dump your toddler sibling in the snow and walk away.


Cole’s a pretty boring kid, I don’t really have much to say here.


But he did get Charismatic, further solidifying my belief that the Kalaya kids are actually unable to get bad traits locked in.


Cole ages up to be a face clone of Blake, but paler and with a terrible hair colour.


My entire reasoning for taking this picture was “lol this looks bad” and then not two seconds later:




And -5. But hey, at least she missed the pee puddle.


Tremayne the Tattoo Artist turned up as a zombie, showing that he does have hobbies other than inking people’s skin and giving bad makeovers.


Cole: I may just be a teenager, but that doesn’t mean I can’t M A N S P R E A D.


This was the horrifying reminder that I had yet to give Ari an Outerwear outfit.


And speaking of horrifying, Alex manages to amputate his own arm without any bloodless, and using only the rug. Impressive.


Something tells me this is going to be a great source of annoyance for me.


Yep, it was. The bus came for them, but only the teenagers got on it. They didn’t even go into school, just hung around it for most of the day.


I went to check on them and found Alex standing there, being cute.

Apparently Blake heard this, because the second I panned over to him, he did this:


Aashhagwjgfafa. Okay. You win. You’re the cutest.

Cole: Hey, what about me?



Cole: Look, I’m pouting! Isn’t that cute?

Sorry Cole, Blake still won this round.

Cole: *Pouts for real this time*


On hearing that the cuteness competition was now over, Alex wandered off to take a nap on some frosty bench, now with added Stink™.



I have no clue why Dara’s doll was on the floor and not in his inventory where I hoped it would stay. I believe Rags is the name Satan himself gave it, but I could be wrong.


It got to a point where I caved and bought the moodlet manager for Ari. Not technically against the rules, but it was mostly so she could train the toddlers in line with their needs, and not have to worry about her own low ones.


Young Adult time for Alex!


I decided from here on out to only use Master Controller for birthdays, because it got to a point where the only thing in the fridge at any one time was cake, and I felt sick just looking at it.


Alex gets the Genius trait, meaning he doesn’t have Insane and is no longer eligible to be the heir. Ergo, he’s being sent packing.


He does look great, but there’s not enough Leighton in him for my liking, so I don’t really regret that he won’t be the heir.


-5, Leighton, come on.


Ari: By dose! Dere’s a leg id by dose!

Blake: I’m so tired of this shit.


Still fighting. I think this is all they did for the remainder of their relationship (not to sound like a spoiler, but I think it’s very obvious what’s going to happen considering Cornelia’s….maturity).


Snowflake Day! And with it, more money! Cole got a small bonus and Leighton got an average one, I believe. I was very annoyed that Cole got a bonus and Blake didn’t considering they both work in the Spa (although one is a receptionist and the other is a spa specialist) and Blake’s been working there longer.


This is the screenshot I was going to use in lieu of a suicide note.

Those puddles? Yeah, they’re from the potties overflowing. I was in such a rush to get the toddlers skilled up that I was essentially potty-training them one at a time, directly after one another.


This is genuinely the only contact we have with Alex from when he moved out to the end of the Generation. Seriously. The only thing I saw for him in Story Progression was that the got a promotion.


Potty-training is hard, decapitating work. -5

Luckily, I did manage to get them skilled up so I sent Ari off to Alex’s party.


Only to find out that his house is HUGE. Seriously, where’d he get all that money from? Not us.

The party was kind of a bust though, because no-one else was there except Ari. Looks like all that money couldn’t buy you any friends, huh Alex?


If I ever say yes to this during this legacy, it’s because I’ve momentarily gone blind and thought I’d pressed no. That or I finally reach a level of apathy where every decision I make is an act of masochism.


Oh, and his toilet was broken. Seriously, what kind of person throws a party with a broken toilet? This isn’t how we raised you, Alex.


I aged up the twins while Ari was off fixing toilets and the like. Here’s Dara, looking genetically monotonous.

Please ignore pre-makeover Yara in the background. I still have nightmares from that outfit.


Then Yara aged up to show me that yep, they are clones.

I gave them both the Insane trait, because obviously I did.


I gave the twins their own bedroom beside the other kids’. Thank God turquoise and sea foam work together.


It took me way too long to figure out why there was suddenly a hovering white square in the other bedroom. Turns out a floor tile had gotten deleted and there was snow on the patch of grass underneath, because obviously it’s gonna snow indoors. Thanks, EA.


I’m calling this screenshot “Everybody Loves Blake”. Dara on the bed had just received a bedtime story from him, and Yara was desperately trying to ask him to give her one.

Yara: Help?? I can’t?? Get to him??

Blake: Yessss I’m the favourite big brother.

Cole: Please…get me out of here.


Everybody is allowed to love Blake, because he’s probably the best kid in the house.


I’ll forgive him for this, both because he was too caught up in reading Zahara a bedtime story to pee, and also because he looks really cute here. -5.


Unfortunately the same could not be said for Zahara, who apparently got possessed in the midst of watching her brother piss himself.


Ah, more Snow Day bus confusion. At least this time no-one made it to school, though some of them got on the bus and then got straight off again.

Blake: I’m so tired. Why does this keep happening.

Cole: Can we go to the park? We never go to the park. We never go anywhere.

Yara: We have holiday lights? When did those go up?


What’s wrong, Yara?

Yara: Uhh…there’s a ghost!



Yara: Yeah! And, uh, I’m really scared! Ahh!


Nice try, kiddo. -5


Picture of Blake looking cute, because it’s Blake. And he looks cute.


Queen Yara, what happened?

Yara: One seems to have had some kind of accident.

Oh dear. -5 to the reigning monarch.


Unfortunately, this just so happened to set Blake off.

Blake: G-Gee, isn’t this place dirty? *nervous laughter*

Yara: *thought bubble confusion*


And then he did it again.


And again. At this point I had to see what was going on, only to find that Blake’s bladder bar wasn’t refilling, and it was just staying empty, meaning he would’ve kept peeing himself if I hadn’t reset him.


Happy birthday Zahara, there’s a giant puddle of urine in the kitchen!


Oh, and your brother’s passed out on the living room floor. Have a great day! -5


It was another snow day, so I aged Zahara up early. And also in the bathroom. I don’t know.

Zahara: Happy toilet day!

Do you mean birthday?

Zahara: Same thing.


Naturally, she gets Friendly.


She ages up gorgeous, but that’s mostly because she’s an exact face clone of Ari. Honestly, the blue eyes are starting to grow on me, which is weird because I have blue eyes and I HATE THEM. Such a boring colour (for eyes, that is. Normally, I adore blue).


Wait, is this…*squints*…it is! Positive points! For once! +40!!!


It seems Queen Yara got lost on the way to her boudoir. -5


Seeing Ari play her guitar is giving me first-chapter nostalgia. And I’ve only just noticed that there’s a plumbob on the guitar head, which is kind of adorable.



Dara: Don’t judge me!

I AM judging you. Big time. -5


Ari: I heard the kids were having a cuteness competition a while back and I thought I could join?

You absolutely win for that face alone. Not you though Leighton. You’re immediately disqualified.


Setting your stove on fire, however, is not as cute. -5

Ari: Oh bother.


As impressive as your magically teleporting urine is, Leighton, it’s still -5.

It’s Prom Time!!!


If you were wondering where Cole was (don’t lie, no you weren’t), he was still at school. He didn’t come home with the other kids and was hanging around doing boring stuff like homework.

Prom Spam!


As you can see, Cole had a very uneventful prom night. Blake and Zahara’s however, was much better. I also think someone slipped something into Zahara’s drink mid-way through, if that three-eyed llama notification is anything to go by.


She did stumble out half an hour before the end and collapse on the ground, so it’s very likely. -5


This is Brenda Kwa, Blake’s Romantic Interest. She is very pretty, but a bit basic. She’s also an NPC Babysitter, so I’m not sure if she’ll ever actually age.


Somehow, Leighton managed to heartfart with Pauline Wan – who lives all the way across town – as the kids were coming home. I don’t know either.


Hey, since when did the front door have a hand and a leg?


Oh never mind, it’s just Cole.

Cole: Boy, I am sleepy! All that dancing at prom really wore me out!

You are so boring to me.


For reasons unknown to me, Blake stayed in prom until midnight. But look who that is leaving with him, it’s Sammie Hart! Y’know, the kid who Ari got to feel her tummy back when she was pregnant with Zahara.


I gave him new hair because as must as I like the old one, it’s currently claimed by one Alexander.


After only leaving school at midnight, Blake was immediately arrested by this douchenozzle.

Officer Hurgusburgus: Man, I could really go for some nachos after this.

You are dead to me.


No!!! It wasn’t his fault!!!


Coming home after midnight + bedtime stories = this. -5, and stop looking so smug Yara.


Leighton woke up the next morning with a bad case of the Serving Hand Glitch.


And on this, the night before his YA birthday, Blake went down to the Spring Festival to hunt for eggs (yeah, it’s been a whole day since prom and nothing exciting happened during it).


See, I’m not the only one who loves Blake!


I’m not entirely sure when Cornelia died, because I didn’t get a notification, but I am glad Sam’s new interest is one that can actually give us grandbabies.


Double birthday! I had Leighton go first.


Spinning a, um, thing with a flat hand sounds hard, but I think he manages okay.

Seriously though, what the hell are those things called?


He’s cute as an old man, but doesn’t seem too thrilled about it.


And then it was Blake’s turn! He somehow climbed down from the top bunk on the other side, the side that is a wall, so he aged up staring at it. Not so great for taking screenshots.

Cole (inside the bedroom): Does this mean you’re going to randomise to see who becomes heir now?

Uh, yeah, about that.

Please welcome the heir of Generation 2 and our next Torch Holder:


Blake Kalaya!!

Cole: WHAT?!?

Yeah, I couldn’t not. He was the only one to get black hair and he had a nice mix of genetics, plus he was my favourite, so I made an executive decision and picked him.


Of COURSE he got Irresistible.


I was totally expecting the Pervasive Private Eye LTW to be the first one on the list, given his Perceptive trait, but instead we got this one. I don’t mind, I haven’t played the Political career much, so it’ll be a nice change.

And that’s it for Generation 1! I have a lot to get through before Generation 2 can begin, including building a new house for them and moving in some of my premade berry sims into the world (I did say I’d be introducing colour into Gen 2, didn’t I?), so I’m not sure when the next chapter will be up. Hopefully soon!


Self-Wettings (-5): 17 (-85)
Pass-Outs (-5): 18 (-90)
Fires (-5): 4 (20)
Failing School (-20): 1 (-20)
Demotion (-20):
Getting Fired (-30):
Accidental Deaths (-10):
Social Worker Visits (-10):
Births (+5): 6 (+30)
Twin Births (+10): 1 (+10)
Triplet Births (+15):
Fulfilling LTW (+40): 1 (+40)
Honour Roll (+5):
Randomising every Trait + LTW for a Generation (+10): 1 (+10)
Not using Spares’ Happiness Points for a Generation (+10): 1 (+10)
Every $100,000 (+20):
Having an NPC Reach Top of their Career (+50):

Good: +100
Bad: -215
Total: -115


2 thoughts on “1.9 – The End (Of The Beginning)

  1. somebodysangel13 says:

    Aw, Blake is so gorgeous! So happy with our new TH, good choice!

    Re: good traits, usually if the kid has a B then they will get a good trait, though locked in. Though with all that snow, I doubt they managed to get their grades up so far.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Rebecca says:

      Honestly as soon as Alex aged up and was no longer eligible, I realised I’d have to wait another week for Blake to age up and then figure out who’d be heir, so eventually I just decided to screw my plans and choose Blake. He was my favourite since toddlerhood anyway, and his face is just so pleasing to look at. Which I totally don’t do. Constantly.

      But yeah, anytime I checked grades (which wasn’t often, admittedly) they were all on Cs and dipping into the red, so the good traits were a strange surprise.


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