1.7 – New! Shiny! Exciting!

Welcome back to the currently very boring Kalaya Legacy, which hopefully should change in this chapter. Or the next chapter. Or Generation 2.

There are changes in this chapter however! First, I mentioned at the end of the last chapter that I was changing a bit of my gameplay, and that’s purely do to with my agespan for Babies and Toddlers, which I’d reduced to 2 days and 3 days, respectively. Well that’s back to normal (3 days and 7 days), but I’m going to allow for early ageing-up.

For babies, I’m going to let them stay as babies for one night, and then I’ll age them up to toddlers. This is mostly because the baby stage is the most pointless, useless, utterly tiring lifestage. All they do is scream. What’s the point?

For toddlers, I’ll allow early ageing-up if they have all their toddler skills maxed (although not xylophone/peg toy because I can’t direct them to do it and I can imagine myself screaming at my own screen when they avoid things), so basically for babies/toddlers it’s 100 Baby Challenge rules, which doesn’t really make sense but nothing in this Legacy has made sense so far, so whatever.

Other changes! Financially, the Kalayas are so broke, even with 3 sources of income. I mentioned starting a Legacy on an empty world where there was no real way to make money except collecting and the like, and I noticed how they were actually getting on pretty fine even though I was only controlling one Sim. So as of now, Ari’s going to be doing a lot more dumpster diving, fishing, and collecting.

And, finally, the newest change is that while I type this I have Seasons and Generations downloading on Origin, which I’m so excited about. I actually used to have Generations, and it’s my ultimate favourite EP, and when I stopped being able to play it (through circumstances that were the doing of my older sister, who ironically was the one who bought me the game), I was so upset. I feel like sad, Generation-less me would be happy to hear I have it back again. Also next week is my birthday, so I’m considering it a birthday present to myself.

Wow that was a lot of writing. I do have like 17 screenshots that need captioning, so I’ll get that done and then back to waiting for downloads to finish. Onward!

Or I would start captioning, except my laptop just had a mild seizure. Seasons is downloaded now, so I blame it for everything.


I entered the game to see that both Leighton and Sam were missing. Leighton was at work, so that was no big deal, but Sam was here. I have no memory of letting him go to a friend’s house, but apparently this is the McIrish household, so I’m guessing it’s River? Although I’m not sure how she’s still a teen, but whatever.

Sam was smelly, hungry, tired, and watching romance, which kind of sounds like me in the middle of a depressive episode, except he was mourning his dead grandmother, and I haven’t had a grandparent since I was 6.

Too real? Too real.


Back home, I was beginning to regret my decision to move the crib into the adults’ bedroom, because when this screenshot was taken, Ari had been asleep for 5 minutes at the most.



Ari: I hate you, boy-child.

Blake: But I smelly! 😦

Oh come on, how can you hate someone so small and cute?

Ari: I hate anyone that wakes me from my slumber.

Geez, okay.


There are 3 things to note in this picture: that Blake is out of his crib (and the adults are asleep, although you can’t see that), that it’s dark outside, and that Sam is still mourning. In fact, he mourned the whole night, instead of doing something useful like – oh, I DON’T KNOW – eating, or sleeping.


Thus, the result. -5


I took the time after he woke up to expand the living area, because I need more space for fun stuff. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough money left over to actually purchase the fun stuff, so for now they get to do the thrilling actions of sitting in chairs and staring at walls.

Blake: Fun!!!

At least Blakey’s easily amused.


He’s still mourning, and now Blake is smelly. No, that’s not the same dirty diaper that woke up Ari. He’s been out and about for so long that he’s had time to dirty it again. And Sam does nothing.


Well, he finally changes Blake and puts him in the crib, but by this point it’s like 7am, and Sam shows us just how attractive he really is.


Sam: Finally, bed!

Actually, Sammy, the school bus just arrived.

Sam: Sorry, can’t hear you. My ear just got cut off by this door.


He got off the bus mid-journey. I was not pleased.

Sam: I have an idea!


Thank you, you unhelpful idiot. -5


I went to see how Ari was getting on, and found an errant Z looming menacingly over the bed.

The Z: Menacingly? Why, I’m here to grant wishes and bestow blessings on you and your family.



This screenshot was taken both to commemorate Blake learning the potty and to commemorate how utterly adorable he is. If you ignore the fingers he’s impaled into his own leg, that is.


You alright there, Leighton?

Leighton: I’m enjoying these pancakes, but I seem to be getting wet.


Leighton continues to have no luck with sinks, but Blakey’s almost finished learning to talk!

Ari: Say ‘briefcase’, Blakey.

Leighton: *sniff* I just wanted to wash the dishes.

And with that, my games are now downloaded! The rest of the screenshots for this chapter (and this Legacy) will have Seasons and Generations! Exciting!


I was shown straightaway what I’d been missing without Generations. Unfortunately, they don’t have the money to send anyone away, especially not to the Prep School. In the future, when money is (hopefully) not a problem, I will almost definitely be sending kids away to fulfil these wishes.


Alex: Haha, I stink so bad right now.


I sent Ari off to the big park opposite their house when I noticed there was some harvestable produce (Is that a word? My computer’s saying no but it gets the point across, so it’s staying).


I got this in the middle of it, so I guess Alex is making use of the Scary Storytelling?


I also noticed he has this moodlet, which I’ve never seen before! It’s so cute, a result of him talking to his dad I assume.


Once Ari was done collecting food, I sent her off to Central Park to raise her Logic skill. She’s had an opportunity to raise it by a level since I think Week 1.

Cornelia: I’m so juiced 😀

I did have some good entertainment while waiting for Ari to skill.


Not pictured: Me yelling “AWWWWW” at my screen.


She wasn’t having any of it however.

Cornelia: How DARE you! Who do you think you are, my husband or something?

Gunther: Uh, yes?

Poor Gunther, looks like he’s the only one still invested in his marriage.

Wildflowers! I’d forgotten these came with Seasons. The two in the picture are both Sweet Williams, which brought in §200 each. It was also past midnight at this point, it’d taken her so long to skill. I’m wondering if that’s a result of her Absent-Minded trait, because it definitely felt slower than usual.


Next and final stop on the Money Mission was dumpster diving. It didn’t give us anything super useful, some lamps and chairs and the like, but that did mean we got to sell it all.


I now get to experience every ISBI players greatest downfall: the Bedtime Stories.


And this is what happens when your teenager’s asleep, one adult is reading a bedtime story, and the other adult is out rummaging in trash: a very pouty Blakey.


What?! But I thought you were getting a bedtime story!

Alex: Zzzzz…..Got up to pee…couldn’t pee….toilet….too dirty….Zzzz

I do sympathise with the dirty toilet, but that never stopped you before. -5


And what happens when your potty-trained toddler has a full bladder but is suddenly stinky? Oh that’s right, -5



Alex: I forgot to pee when I woke up.

-5, stinky.


Are you KIDDING me. -5


Alex never did make it to school, and Ari was sleeping so she couldn’t tell him to go. At this point I stopped to sell everything she’d collected (it was about §800 overall) and we got some activities!


I’d completely forgotten she was back to work, so this annoyed me. I hate maternity leave, but I was so used to no work for her that I thought she’d have more time to skill Blake.


And straight after, I received this. abdjshafbajbrwbw -20 


Seriously?? No way, do you see Sam’s portrait? Red. There’s no way he’s being left in charge.


At this point I nearly threw my laptop to the ground. She automatically cancelled going to work to scold Alex for not going to school. By the time she got to work she was an hour late.


This, however, I was fine with. That’s what you get for losing me 20 points, bucko.

I was deeply entertained by this, because even back when I used to have Generations I never had a kid act so badly that they needed a time out.

Yes, do put your hungry son into his crib. That’s a great idea.

I couldn’t help but laugh every time I heard Sam grumbling or crying about being in time out. But at least he has a window to look out of.


Blake: Potty!

Surprise surprise, he doesn’t make it to the potty. -5


By this time it was past midnight, and Ari had 2 days to go before she aged into a full adult. Normally I wouldn’t get a Sim pregnant if it messes up their lifespan, but my plans to get her pregnant with 3 days to go were ruined with all the trouble being caused. I just really wanted her to go into adulthood with only one more kid to pop out. There was a jingle, so baby 3 for Ari, 4 for Leighton is definitely on the way!


Yeah, he’ll really impress them with his F.


Time for Leighton to get a bit wrinklier!


I finally get to use this interaction! Blake gets his first taste of The Claw.


Uh, Ari? What are you doing?

Ari: Have to puke.

And you’re taking the cake?

Ari: You mean you don’t puke while holding cake? Amateur.


I have so many questions.


Ari: Hello, boss lady? Yes, I-*cough cough*- I’m very sick. I don’t think-*cough cough*-I’ll be able to make it into work today.


Ari: SYKE!

I just really wanted to give her an extra day to skill Blake.


Ari: Alright, Blake, say ‘vegetables’.

Blake: Wegballs!

Ari: …It’ll do.


She had almost finished skilling Blake when this came up.


????For what??? What’s he done??


Bad grades??? What bad grades??


Oh…THOSE bad grades.

I’m not counting that as a fail because I didn’t get a notification to say he was failing (which you probably only get when they’re on an F). Also he ages up the next day so it’s all good.


Ari: How DARE you not fix your bad grades in the one day since you started failing. I am VERY disappointed in you.

They did have a tiny bit of relationship before this moment, but it was quickly snuffed out.


Back to toddler training, and he finished talking and moved onto walking.


And look whose birthday I’d forgotten! Woops.

Leighton: Weeeeeee!


He gains a couple of wrinkles, but remains basically the same. He does start having a midlife crisis, but obviously that doesn’t matter much to me as I can’t control him.


Pop! Ari seems happy.

Ari: Happy?! HAPPY?!

Yikes, forgot she was hot-headed.


More good news!


I went ahead and aged him up seeing as it was Saturday.

Alex: I wish to never be scolded again!

No promises.


Well, I knew the indifferent study habits was coming, but Night Owl’s a pretty good trait to be locked in.


He’s basically a male Ari. I’m still annoyed at EA for that awful hair colour.


I did have Ari let both teens off the hook because it was the weekend. I’m sure Sam was glad, because that last scolding session actually revoked his TV privileges.


Blake gets done skilling and we get to age him up!


This is the picture I’m referring to as “Rebecca’s Revelation”. I was automatically going to give him the Absent-Minded trait, but it wasn’t on the list. I did some digging and found out that it clashes with Perceptive, meaning Blake couldn’t actually get it. So I said a giant “screw it” and gave him Insane. From here on out, this ISBI will be using the Insane trait as the original rules decreed.


Despite his post-makeover pic being slightly ruined by full moon bloom, he’s cute! I was right when he said he was essentially a Leighton clone, the only differences I can see are the nose and the skintone.

Okay, that was a long chapter. I think there were just over 70 pictures in there, but it definitely helps to speed things along.

Next chapter will see the next baby being born, Ari having her adult birthday, possibly getting a midlife crisis, and maybe even the final baby making an appearance? Who knows (I don’t).


Self-Wettings (-5): 5 (-25)
Pass-Outs (-5): 5 (-25)
Fires (-5): 3 (-15)
Failing School (-20): 1 (-20)
Demotion (-20):
Getting Fired (-30):
Accidental Deaths (-10):
Social Worker Visits (-10):
Births (+5): 2 (+10)
Twin Births (+10):
Triplet Births (+15):
Fulfilling LTW (+40):
Honour Roll (+5):
Randomising every Trait + LTW for a Generation (+10):
Not using Spares’ Happiness Points for a Generation (+10):
Every $100,000 (+20):
Having an NPC Reach Top of their Career (+50):

Good: +10
Bad: -85
Total: -75



2 thoughts on “1.7 – New! Shiny! Exciting!

  1. somebodysangel13 says:

    Aw, I love Generations and Seasons, two of my favourite EPs! Though the ‘drop everything to scold’ gets really old really fast. I’m not sure if you’re using mods, but I would highly recommend icarus_allsorts’ scolding mod at MTS, it gives you the option when EA forces the scolding. So you can scold for bad grades, but not for being late to school 🙂

    The kiddies are so cute, even if they are clones. I would not begrudge you changing Alexander’s hair colour in CAS – though it doesn’t seem to be the puke green, just not black like his parents?


    • Rebecca says:

      Yeah, there’s definitely a lot of gameplay I was missing out on before I got them. And I was definitely thinking of getting a scolding mod, so I’ll download that ASAP. No more upset kids!!
      Thank god it’s not the puke green, but it is a strange shade of brown, so if he (or any future kids that have it) end up as heir, I’ll have to change it to black.


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