1.6 – What’s Happening? Absolutely Nothing

And we’re back!

Last time, Alex aged up into a child, Blake was born, and I apologised profusely for my six-month long hiatus of depression and tears. Oh, and I’m using a point system now!

I’m seriously trying to cut down on the amount of pictures I post because the way things are going Generation 2 won’t start until the 20th chapter. I’m trying, but also ultimately failing. Oh well.

Imagine my surprise on opening my game and finding out there was only §99 in the bank. Not good.


Alex and Sam had their first interaction post-Alex ageing up. It was a Shaka Bra I think, but I took a picture because they stood and stared at each other for several minutes after.


Alex: Sam.

Sam: Alex.


Leighton: Cake.

I see you enjoyed that slice of cake. What’d you do with the plate?

Leighton: Put it next to the other one, and therefore used up all the counter space we have.

Yeah. Thanks for that.


Sam then proceeds to show us that he doesn’t mind the lack of counter space, and also that the best way to lick food from a plate is to impale yourself in the boob with your own hand.


Alex isn’t impressed.


He then cleans the sink and does the dishes, further solidifying his position as my favourite.

Alex: I bet a ghost made this sink dirty.

No ghosts yet, I’m afraid. But wait until we get along a few generations, then things’ll get fun.


Ari: Baby’s crying.
Alex: Baby’s crying.
Leighton: Baby’s crying.

Look, there’s nothing I can d-

Sam: Baby’s crying.

Seriously? You’re holding him.


Fast-forward to later that night, and I find Sam reading a book outside the spa, where he finished work at 2 hours before.


I then gave in and did something about that god-awful work uniform.


I took a peek back home to see that a YA Holly Alto had come for a visit. As I was still in a makeover mood, I figured I’d fix her up a little.


Better. Maybe now I won’t mistake her for paparazzi the next time you turn up.

Holly: None of your family are celebrities.

Shhh. I forgot.


Blake aged up! I think he’s a Leighton clone but with darker skin. He’s still adorable though. His favourite colour is Blue, if you couldn’t already tell. I’ve also decided that I’ll just age the babies up with Master Controller, to save buying a cake.


Ari: Hungry!

Well, maybe if you’d eaten the cake you were holding instead of setting it down on the counter, only to sit on the sofa and complain about being hungry.

Ari: It seemed like a good idea at the time!


Sam: Hungry!

Not you too. You know the school bus is here, right?

Sam: I’m too hungry to go to school.


Sam: If I feed the baby, can I stay off school?

As much as I love you for doing that, no.


Ari: Go to school, stepson.

Sam: I’m such a fan of you, stepmother.

They still have no relationship.


With the boys off at school, Blakey gets started on his toddler skills. I wanted to get a picture of the cute little scrunchy face they make but the pixels got in the way…I’ll have to remember to put Decensor back in.

As it is, he did keep doing this adorable little squint which kept me entertained.


Alex later reminds me how tiny the house really is when he goes outside to do his homework. In the dark. At 10pm.



Good Lord. And we need to have 2 more of these to complete Leighton’s LTW too. Brilliant.


Where was Leighton during all this, you ask? Well, he’d gone back to work for the first time after the honeymoon phase and I made him stay late for an opportunity. Instead of coming home, he started throwing a football back and forth with Fiona McIrish. It was 1am I believe.


Wait, you have a car?

Leighton: ??Yes, all townies get cars.

Huh. I’d forgotten that.

I waited until he got home and then sold it for §570. We need money more than we need transportation.


This is why you don’t stay up the whole night doing homework. Alex gives us not only the first negative points for the chapter, but the first pass-out for the entire Legacy. Good going kiddo. -5


He then heads over to the pool, to do nothing except relax in a lounger.


He then took a dip.

He actually had to drag himself out because he was so tired he basically started drowning, but I didn’t even notice because I was too busy investigating the slapping noises from nearby.


Said slapping noises turned out to be Cornelia Goth giving her husband Gunther a good smack in the mouth. I don’t know what he did, but I probably agree with her methods. I later got a pop-up to say that they were enemies.

I was actually planning on playing more and making this longer, but I started a Rainbowcy-ISBI for funzies and when I saw that they were actually making more money with no jobs (it’s a completely empty world save for them) than the Kalayas, I figured things need to change financially for our dear Ari. Things also need to change furniture-wise because right now the only source of fun for anyone is when Ari gets out her guitar. They’re so deprived.

I also want to change a couple things with the ol’ lifespan, so I’m just going to put things into effect in the next chapter.


Self-Wettings (-5): 2 (-10)
Pass-Outs (-5): 1 (-5)
Fires (-5): 3 (-15)
Failing School (-20):
Demotion (-20):
Getting Fired (-30):
Accidental Deaths (-10):
Social Worker Visits (-10):
Births (+5): 2 (+10)
Twin Births (+10):
Triplet Births (+15):
Fulfilling LTW (+40):
Honour Roll (+5):
Randomising every Trait + LTW for a Generation (+10):
Not using Spares’ Happiness Points for a Generation (+10):
Every $100,000 (+20):
Having an NPC Reach Top of their Career (+50):

Good: +10
Bad: -30
Total: -20

((wow,,,,,what an interesting chapter,,,,so many point changes,,,,,))



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