1.5 – The Trials and Tribulations of Being Dirt Poor

She returns!

Honestly, I’m not entirely sure why I suddenly stopped playing this Legacy, but I tried to get back to it once and couldn’t do it due to lag. It felt like everything was moving at x0.0001, which isn’t fun for anyone involved. So I ended up leaving things for nearly 6 months in the hope that it would just…work itself out.

I think I worsened the graphics at one point in an attempt to straighten out the lag, so if things look terrible don’t hate me, hate my terrible laptop for not knowing how to laptop properly.

Also, if you saw my previous post you’ll know I changed this from an ISBI-twist to an actual, full-blown ISBI. Points and all. So here are the points we have so far:

Self-Wettings (-5):
Pass-Outs (-5):
Fires (-5): 2 (-10)
Failing School (-20):
Demotion (-20):
Getting Fired (-30):
Accidental Deaths (-10):
Social Worker Visits (-10):
Births (+5): 1 (+5)
Twin Births (+10):
Triplet Births (+15):
Fulfilling LTW (+40):
Honour Roll (+5):
Randomising every Trait + LTW for a Generation (+10):
Not using Spares’ Happiness Points for a Generation (+10):
Every $100,000 (+20):
Having an NPC Reach Top of their Career (+50):

Good: +5
Bad: -10
Total: -5

I’ll be putting this scoresheet at the end of every chapter so I can count things up as they happen. But anyway, let’s get this chapter underway!


So you’re probably wondering why the first picture is of Leighton. Well, this is to show off two things: the new skin I got, and the new camera mod I got. When Ari wakes up, I’ll get a clear shot of her with the new skin.

Leighton: I am so sad…so alone…


Sam: Tired!

Well, maybe if you put the bunny down, you’d be able to go to bed.


Sam: Crib?

Yes, Sam. Then you can go to bed.

Alex: Why must you confine me to this metal prison. I am not tired.


Where are you going?

Leighton: Football!

It’s nearly 10pm!

Sam: Bed!

At least one of you has their priorities straight.


I thought you were going to bed!

Sam: Dad asked me to play football.

But it’s a school night. And you’re tired.

Sam: I am tired. But I said yes anyway.


Drawbacks of having a giant lot and a tiny house: they ended up going so far just to throw a football back and forth.

Ari in the background: Zzzzz….I love cooking…


Sam: Really tired now!

Maybe if you stopped playing football, now that it’s midnight,

Sam: No!



The Queen awakens! At 1:30am, for some reason. The exact same time that the boys finish their game, actually. But we get a good look at her (slightly) new face now.


No, no, no, what are you doing.

Leighton: Waking the baby. I must teach him to walk at 3am.


Alex: Father, why have you awoken me?

Leighton: Time to learn new things!


Well at least someone isn’t dealing with the bullshit happening in the main room. But I am glad he finally got to bed, even if it is 3am on a school day.


Alex: Father, I must use the facilities at once.

Leighton: Nope!


Ari, eating cake again: The kid’s crying. Do something about it.

Leighton looked oddly happy about this, but thankfully he stopped with the walk-learning and Alex got to use the potty. Pretty sure potty-trained toddlers using their diapers instead of the potty loses us points.


Alex: Father, why have you returned me to this metal prison.

Leighton: Bedtime!

At 4am? I’m questioning your parenting skills, boyo.


Ari, being hideously awake and well-rested despite it being 4 in the morning, and with everyone else in the household now fast asleep, decided playing her guitar was the best way to pass the time.

I still love those faces.


I was worried The Bunny would be woken up, but either toddlers aren’t bothered by noise or he has the Heavy Sleeper trait and I’ve forgotten.

A quick check tells me that he doesn’t, so it must just be a toddler thing that I’m now ultra thankful for.

Egg the bear: I have no soul.


Sam woke up an hour before the bus came and I was forced to remember how entrancing musical instruments are to weak-minded Sims.

Sam: I’m so hungry but this music is too beautiful.

Spoiler alert: the bus came and he went to school starving.


Alex: Hungy!

Goddammit. I was all set to continue his speech but the pout killed me. Alex is resorting back to baby-talk because he’s too adorable not to.

Also, you can’t see it in the picture, but there’s a definite stink cloud wafting up from his diaper. He’s definitely potty-trained, which means a -5 right off the bat.


Leighton: This house is disgusting!

Are you gonna clean it or are you just going to stand there like an idiot?

Leighton: Second one.

I feel a bit bad for Leighton, there was a carpool outside and I assumed it was his, so I got pissed at him for not going to work, until I got a pop-up to say that he’d gotten paid for personal time off, and I remembered he was still in the honeymoon phase. The carpool was for Sam. Instead, Leighton hung around tickling and tossing Alex into the air. The whole day.


As much as I love the autonomous flirting, do you really have to do it with your son situated in between you both?

Leighton: Girl, I want to buy you a diamond.

With only §600 in the bank? I think not.

Alex: Wake me up (Wake me up inside)


Nice of Leighton to put Alex to bed and then pick him back up literally one Sim-minute later, and right as he’d fallen asleep.

Alex: I’m smiling but inside I’m dying.

It was also around this time I noticed Alex’s teen trait never got put into play, which is a glitch that happens a lot in my games. I’ve since checked and found out that he actually got Never Nude, but in-game I just gave him Absent-Minded because that’s the trait I’m using instead of Insane anyway.


With the pop-up for Alex’s birthday only 30 Sim-minutes away, I put Ari to work in the skilling department.


The skilling didn’t last long. Remember that Absent-Minded trait I gave Sam? The idiot forgot he was cooking in the oven and this happened. Thanks Sam. -5

The fire took out the stove and the counter beside it. Insurance gave us §160 to replace them and it cost about §540. I was not amused.


Praise the Lord for the Brave trait. If he hadn’t started extinguishing, we probably wouldn’t have a kitchen anymore. For some reason, Ari got frozen while holding Alex and wouldn’t move or put him down.



He was just about to use the potty when Leighton intercepted him for a toss in the air. Nature took its course and we got another -5 points.


We all know what this face means!

Leighton: PANIC!!!!!!!


We welcome Blake Kalaya into the world! He has the Perceptive and Good traits, and likes Classical Music, Ratatouille, and the colour Blue. I was very happy to see Grandma Yumi was around.

Yumi: I can’t wait to see my new grandson!

Ari: She does know I’m right here, right?


Once Ari had the baby and was able to click things again, I had her instruct the babysitter to help Alex blow out the candles. Alex’s face kills me in this.

Alex: Who the fuck do you think you are.

Babysitter Gene: Please stop staring at me and blow. I just want to get paid.


Alex ages up with no hair and in underwear. He also shows off his Grumpy trait.

Alex: *is not amused*

He had the Friendly trait locked in because I didn’t bother finishing teaching him to walk. Ah well, hopefully his study habits are good enough that I can give him the Absent-Minded trait next birthday.



Alex: *is not amused* (now with hair and pyjamas!)


It was only after Alex had aged up I noticed Ari had come home and then immediately left again. I then proceeded to watch her walk to the end of the lot, turn around, and come back.


She then stood in front of the house for a while.

Ari: Those hospital drugs are strong!


The boy’s bedroom. You will notice it has no lights or windows. That’s because even with the cheapest beds, we had only §29 remaining.


Alex: Now that I’ve got done breaking the sink, I’m really tired!

He does get to bed on time, thankfully.


As much as I love Leighton and his Family-Oriented trait which means he’s constantly looking after the kids, him waking them up when they’re asleep just to play with them is getting really old really fast.

Blake: Please…Just let me sleep…


Ari getting paid for her never-ending maternity leave gave us enough money to buy a light and a window in the boys’ room. I decided to colour-code it just for them.

I definitely expected more money, but when I saw we were only getting §180 i was forced to remember how low down in her career she actually is.


Last pic of the update involved my life flashing before my eyes, but thankfully there was no jingle. I’m definitely waiting until there’s more money in the bank before obtaining another spawn. Hopefully these two will listen.


Self-Wettings (-5): 2 (-10)
Pass-Outs (-5):
Fires (-5): 3 (-15)
Failing School (-20):
Demotion (-20):
Getting Fired (-30):
Accidental Deaths (-10):
Social Worker Visits (-10):
Births (+5): 2 (+10)
Twin Births (+10):
Triplet Births (+15):
Fulfilling LTW (+40):
Honour Roll (+5):
Randomising every Trait + LTW for a Generation (+10):
Not using Spares’ Happiness Points for a Generation (+10):
Every $100,000 (+20):
Having an NPC Reach Top of their Career (+50):

Good: +10
Bad: -25
Total: -15



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