1.4 – His Name’s Not Ass


Last time on The Kalaya Legacy there was a lot: they got a house, we found out Leighton was gay, he decided that was wrong and started reciprocating Ari’s feelings…it was a wild ride. One that left us with a new Kalaya: Alexander (who was previously Asa but due to me misreading it as Ass too many times, I changed it)!

Before starting to play this time (because I play constantly, and take breaks to write more of the chapter), I added Story Progression Population to turn off Ari’s maternity leave, because otherwise she might never get back to work, and I got Master Controller Cheats to work! Time to randomise the entire town’s gender preference~~


We start off with Ari’s marriage excitement.

Ari: I love my ring!

You’re not wearing one.

Ari: I love my invisible ring!


Some Alex cuddles.


This was their first interaction, and I forced it. They have barely any relationship.

Ari: Happy birthday, strange boy who lives in my house.

Sam: Thanks, woman who married my dad.

Ah, family.


Their dreams are very telling.

Ari: Wedding!

Leighton: Money!


The face of someone dealing with a screaming child at 3am.


Parenting is hard. And you want 3 more of these, boyo.

Leighton: I regret my life choices.


But later we see some sibling bonding. And I am forced to remember when I was giving Sam a makeover and decided his current pyjamas were fine. Those clashing patterns are anything but fine.


And when morning comes, we get a birthday!


He’s adorable! I am a little annoyed about his hair colour, but I’ll let it slide due to the fact that I think he got Ari’s nose.


Alex: I smell!

Ari: You can suck it up until after I get my cake.


Leighton: He’s crying.

Ari: I’m eating cake!


He does get changed once she’s finished, and then we get started on the toddler training.

Ari: Say “love”.

Alex: Wuv!

Close enough.


So that’s where you two went after Alex got fed.


Sam’s work outfit makes me laugh. He’s barefoot too.

Sam: My thought bubble got cut off but I’m totally excited about baths right now.


The cutest little bunny you’ve ever seen.


He still does his homework everyday! I’m not considering him for an heir, but at least he’ll get good grades.

*****Cue a three-day intermission in playing in which I managed to forget most things, including the name of their son and the fact that the house was completely pink. My eyes were not happy when I came back*****


Here we go again.


I am constantly amused by Hot-Headed sims’ tendency to get angry over nothing.

Ari: I’m so bloody HAPPY! AHHHHHH!screenshot-22

Genuinely had a moment where I thought Leighton had gone to work only to find that, while Ari had been spending the morning teaching Alex to talk and use the potty, the “man of the house” had been doing things that were equally productive.

Leighton: Zzzzz….Dragons…Hell yeah….Zzzzz


Due to our lack of funds to buy toys, Alex has been forced to find fun in unlikely places.

Alex: Oh wall, you are my only friend.

I eventually took pity on him and put Sam’s teddy bear that he brought with him when he moved in (that I have lovingly named Egg) into his inventory in the hopes that he would find it. Alas, he did not.


Thankfully the slacker woke up and attended to his son’s Fun need.

Alex: Thank you father. May a thousand blessings be upon you.

Idk why he talks like this now, but I kinda like it.


You just had to do your maternity spin in the smallest room in the house, the most awkward for camera angles, didn’t you. Note the broken shower (and if the camera were pointing the other way, you would also be able to note the dirty toilet).

I’m also mad because I was so sure I’d turned maternity leave off and then I got a notification to say she got one work day off. Currently she’s not going back to work for a week, which is great.


Aww, someone’s pouty~~

Alex: I am rather displeased at the level of care I have been receiving. Someone will be punished for this.

Seeing your frowny face is punishment enough.


Sam: Here you go, little guy.

Alex: Thank you, dear brother. Just for today, I shall ignore your hideous attire and instead proclaim my thanks for your kind actions.

So I actually “finished” this five days ago, except I was planning on playing more and updating this some more. I was actually hoping to end this chapter with the birth of the second kid (or even Alex’s birthday), but I’m ending it here because my next post won’t be a chapter, but instead a bit of an…announcement? I guess. So that’ll be going up very soon, because I doubt it’ll take me long to write it. But anyway… Happy Simming!




2 thoughts on “1.4 – His Name’s Not Ass

  1. somebodysangel13 says:

    I’m liking this so far, haven’t seen Leighton in a legacy for a long while! Alex is absolutely adorable, even with the icky green/brown hair. I always change that with MC if a child ends up with it, so stupid of EA.


    • Rebecca says:

      Thank you! Yeah I adore Leighton, always like using him when I play in Sunset Valley. If I end up choosing Alex for heir I’ll probably change his hair colour, it’s such an unfortunate feature of TS3.


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