1.3 – In Which So Much Happens

Back again! Last time, we got burgled, almost died in a fire, had to buy the same stove twice, and welcomed two new members of the family: Leighton Sekemoto and his son Sam. Hopefully this time he’ll respond well to Ari’s romantic endeavours.


And we now have a house! It has one bedroom, one kitchen and one bathroom. After building, we had just over $200 left, which then shot up to $700 once Ari went to work and got paid for an opportunity.


I put in a double bed at first and then remembered Ari and Leighton are “just friends” for now. I’ve also just realised that I didn’t change the colour of the lights so they don’t match the rest of the house.

Lights: Look Rebecca, we’re your least favourite colour!


But it feels good to have people in the house to watch while Ari’s at work. And even better because I’m not controlling them.


While Leighton went off to catch up on the sleep he missed during his sleepover with Ari, Sam came home! And received some much needed hair too. He’s cute!


And then to show me just how cute he is, he went and did his homework!

Sam: Will I become eligible for heir if I get on the Honour Roll?

Well you’re the only kid we have right now, so sure.


While my little family slept, I used the opportunity money to expand the living area and put in some seating. Thank God for the University Life EP for giving us really cheap furniture, even if it does look pretty gross. They only have $60 left now, but it’s worth it.


Shoutout to Leighton for walking all the way outside to heckle his sleeping son. A* parenting my man.


This was the second time that flirting didn’t go down well. I couldn’t understand it, and then the unthinkable happened.


I scream. I scream some more. I scream again.

This never happens! In all my games if you ask a Sim their gender preference and they’re single they said it’s undecided. I assumed the same here!

Well, no matter. It’s almost at the end of the first week and I’m not going Spouse-hunting. Master Controller help me now.


Oh praise the Lord. I didn’t even do anything, but as soon as they became Good Friends, he started reciprocating. I was genuinely close to death there.

Ari: So… a quill and ink, huh?

Leighton: Hot damn.


*crosses fingers so hard they may break off*




As soon as they were done he left to pee and she celebrated. Feel proud girl, you just turned a man bisexual.


Having two sources of income is good, but similar schedules means Sam’s alone when he comes home from school. Not today though, considering he brought over Mortimer. Always good to do your homework in front of the fridge.


Said two sources of income plus a promotion for Ari means double bed!! And what do we do with a double bed?


*waggles eyebrows*


I got so scared when I noticed the waffles were spoiled before remembering he has the Slob trait so he won’t get sick.

Sam: They taste better spoiled!





Looks like Ari’s obsessions have rubbed off on the family.


It would’ve been such a cute interaction if they weren’t blocking the oven.

Ari: You two better hurry that hug up if you don’t want to starve to death.


Looks like they’re going to starve anyway.

Although, see how Leighton’s extinguishing it? He started literally as soon as the fire did, meaning the oven wasn’t damaged in the slightest.

However, that meant no more waffles, and because of ani’s No Fridge Shopping mod that I got to try out, they didn’t have enough ingredients to make anything else. Which meant:


A trip out to the diner for Ari and Sam, minus Leighton due to his carpool being on its way. I like to think of it as a cute stepson-stepmother bonding experience, considering they’re both only acquaintances and I don’t think they’ve actually interacted once.

Nothing really happened after Ari went to work, just Sam hanging around the diner and interacting with Holly Alto until she got bored and started reading. Until 9pm came and I didn’t get a notification that Leighton had left work, so I searched for him and found this:


Leighton, in his uniform, at home. His job performance was almost half in the red too. When I found him he was walking into the bedroom to clap the light off.

Leighton: It saves money!

Yeah well we’d have more money to save if you actually went to work.

Then Ari came home and this happened:



Ari: Baby!

After that I sent her off to the grocery store to solve the fridge crisis but didn’t get any pictures.


They’re official!

The fact that they’ve started dating while standing in a puddle from the previously broken sink kinda lessens the romantic value I think.


Ari’s had a wish to learn the Logic skill forever, and due to lack of funds to buy a chess table, I sent her and The Bump off to the park.

Ari: I love my bump.

You won’t love it when it’s waking you up at 2am.


Thinking hard.

Ari: …Which way does the horsie go again?

I kept her there for a while, until I decided Sam had been alone for too long so I sent her back home.


The peace was interrupted in the midst of making a salad.



The children’s screams when adults go into labour are piercing and terrifying. I was not amused when Sam joined in.


This popped up on the way to the hospital, and made me so happy. Story Progression getting it right.


Please welcome little mister Asa Kalaya! He was born with the Brave and Grumpy traits, and is our first official baby of Generation 2!

Leighton: We’ve had a baby 🙂

Ari: Let me put this thing down so I can eat.


The expansion to the living area to make room for Asa’s crib cost most of our money :/ at least Sam’s aging up soon so he can get a part-time job.


And speaking of which, here he goes!

Sam: My wish is to be the handsomest boy in town!

Well you have your dad’s nose so I’ve got some bad news for you on that front.


Sam becomes a teen! He doesn’t look too happy about it. He rolled Never Nude, to go alongside his Excitable, Slob, and Artistic traits. We’ll have to get him an easel at some point.


A newly made over Sam then heads out to nab himself a job in the Spa.

Sam: …How long have those bills been in the mailbox?

Several days. I’m too lazy to do anything about them.


Nope, not dealing with this today.

The University llamas are the bane of my existence. They get reset as soon as they show up near my lots, I can’t stand them.


While Sam got his job I had Ari looking after Asa, and then when I went back to check on Sam I found him sending a mean text to Mortimer! That’s your friend, Sam!

He did it twice too, I was very disappointed.


It was nice of you to help with the baby, Leighton, but you might need to figure out how physics works first.


I then remembered they both had wishes to get married, so I put that in action.


He said yes!

And then I figured, why the hell not, and got them married then and there.


Nothing says romance like getting married to the sound of the beeping horn of your carpool while one of you is in their pyjamas.

And that’s it! Next time, Asa will be aging up, so that involves a lot of toddler training, and we’ll hopefully see more babies! Leighton has the Surrounded By Family LTW so we’ll need to have at least 3 more kids to get that completed.

See you next time!


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