1.2 – Some Dramá


Last time we met the founder, Ari, who was completely broke and completely obsessed with music. We also met Leighton Sekemoto, who I am In Love With, and am rooting for as our very first Spouse. So let’s get back into it:


When I said she was completely obsessed? Yeah, she even dreams about it. This went on the whole night, in fact the only time she dreamed about something else was when it was a pile of money. Keep dreaming, Ari, you don’t even have a stove yet.


Nothing says good morning like eating breakfast on the toilet.

Ari: I love my toilet salad 🙂


At last!

Ari: It’s only been a day.

Felt like longer though cariña, thanks to your aversion to doing things autonomously.


She then proceeded to make such beautiful faces.


This is a personal favourite.

Once she’d gotten the first level of guitar skill, I sent her off to the park to satisfy a wish she’d rolled after getting the guitar which was to play there.


Only to see that Pauline Wan had beaten us to it!

I was all set to have Ari walk next to her and start playing to see who could drown the other out, but then I realised Pauline was jamming.


Nothing like a friendly jam session.

Ari: There is nothing friendly about this. I will guitar slam this bitch to the death.

I also had a moment of terror (or more like excitement) when I saw Bessie Clavell back there and mistook her for Yumi Sekemoto, Leighton’s mother. For a second I thought the Sekemotos were back at the park for another family outing. But alas, not today.


The jam sesh was cut short by Ari’s pressing need to go to work. She received no tips because of how little time she’d been playing for.

Am I the only one who loves the starter work uniform for the music career? It’s definitely one of my favourites.

And then she went to work and nothing happened, except for a wish to befriend Zelda Mae (her boss) and an opportunity to stay late to boost her career performance.


All that working netted her a promotion, but I think the excitement was kind of drowned out by her overwhelming exhaustion. Guess it makes sense given she worked for 8 hours straight.


And with the money from working plus the bonus promotion money, we got a stove!

I’m hoping that when we move in our spouse *cough*Leighton*cough* they’ll bring a lot of money in with them.


Oh yes, please come steal one of Ari’s eight possessions, one of which is currently being slept on and another is in her inventory.

Robbie (Rotten): That’s what I intend to do.


I can’t describe the relief I felt when he only took the sink. It was the cheapest one, so it could be replaced. When he walked towards the kitchen I thought for sure he would go for the fridge or the oven.


And naturally he got away before the police could arrive.

Robbie: Thanks for the $75 sink, sucker!


At least I thought the police hadn’t arrived, and then I turned around to see this.

Ari: Thanks a lot, asshole.


Made me laugh when she later dreamt about how much she hated burglars.


The drama of the night forgotten, Ari makes waffles on her new stove, apparently oblivious to the freezing cold she must be feeling due to the lack of roof.


…Only to encounter another problem. Looks like getting a stove was a luxury we shouldn’t have bothered with.


The insurance assholes didn’t even give us half of what it costs to buy a new stove, meaning we can’t get another.

Ari: Hungry!

I’m afraid you’re not getting any waffles today amiga.


So instead she settles down to toilet salad for the second day in a row.

And then by the time she’d eaten and showered, the carpool had arrived. Shame because I’d hoped to get some skilling done to try and boost her fun bar up, which made her mood and job performance take a dive when she started working.

She did get an opportunity which will give us money the next time she goes to work, but her job performance is slightly in the red now which isn’t good.


If she destroys this one too I’m killing her.


Fingers crossed for today’s waffles.


Ari: They’re burnt!

But not on fire, so this is getting classed as a win.


I then had her invite Leighton over, because this is a Legacy and it needs to actually start, except he didn’t feel like coming over. I went to send her to his house only to see that he wasn’t there, so then I went on a Leighton-hunt and finally found him in his car with his son, Sam.


They finally stopped here, which is…nowhere. They stopped on a hill. I was even more confused when Leighton got back into the car and left his son stranded on said hill, but then I followed him and saw he was going to work. Really annoying because Ari has the day off so it would’ve been perfect.


Whilst I was in the midst of my stalking, Ari had starting playing the Blues, and making her usual faces while doing so. You look in pain, Ari.

Ari: I’m just feeling the music.


She then called Leighton to invite him over again, and despite it being 9pm he said yes!


She looks pretty stoked about it.

I then left Ari to her own devices (playing the guitar some more) to follow Leighton from work, except he went home instead. Another invitation, and he said yes again! I wasn’t expecting that, considering it was 11pm by this point.


Leighton arrives and I give him a much needed makeover.


Always good to have your conversation listened to by zombies.

Sue: *casually third wheels*

Milton: *unintelligible zombie groans*



Ari: I win!

When it hit 3am I disbanded the group, and the outing had gone so well that they became friends, and Ari then rolled this:



That whole “outing” made me laugh because the only interaction that he reacted badly to was when she started enthusing about music. Chill, girl.


The main problem with that being there’s only one bed.


Leighton: She’s in the way!

Sorry, bud. Looks like you’ll get no sleep tonight.

He didn’t mind. She only slept until 10am so he read the whole time.


And then I decided to fulfil that wish she got.


Except he wasn’t having that.

Leighton: I thought we were friends!



At least he let her cry on his shoulder, even if it was totally his fault that she was crying.

Leighton: There, there, this is what friends are for.

Double yikes.


We finish the chapter with a controllable Leighton. Why is he controllable? Well, about 10 minutes before Ari’s carpool showed up, and with Leighton visibly needing to use the toilet (and unable to due to the lack of walls) we were finally able to ask him to move in.

Leighton and his son Sam brought in about $5000 which isn’t much but it’s enough to build with.

Next chapter: We get walls! And a roof! And maybe some furthering of the Ari x Leighton relationship. Also Sam the permanent baldy gets a makeover.

See you next time!



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