1.1 – The Beginning (Of The End)

Hello, Hello!

This is the first challenge I’ve blogged about on WordPress, I’ve tried before on tumblr but it didn’t go well and I haven’t been back in nearly a year now.

I decided to start a Legacy Challenge as I haven’t really done one before. The challenge rules can be found HERE, but I’m adding an ISBI twist. The twist? I’m only allowing myself to control the Founder and subsequent Heirs, all other Sims are completely uncontrollable. I just find it much more fun to let all the others do whatever they want.

So without further ado, I shall introduce my Founder:


Please welcome to the stage Ari Kalaya! She’s an absent-minded, hot-headed, charismatic virtuoso who has no sense of humour and wants to be a hit movie composer! Her favourites are ratatouille, roots and she loves the colour pink. Her star sign is Taurus as well.

I’m afraid you will have to excuse my terrible graphics. I meant to change them actually, but I had a bit of Mod trouble when I started this game, so I’ll change those for the next chapter.


She immediately made this face. What’s wrong, Ari?

Ari: I don’t like all this empty space.

Yes, well, I’ll put something down, just give me a minute.


What are you staring at?

Ari: The house that I want.

Okay, well the house you’re looking at is the Alto house, and there’s no way I could ever build you a house that big or beautiful. So dream on.


Her beautiful…um…”house”, which I pinkified specially for her.


What do you think?

Ari: …..How much money do I have left?

About 45 simoleans.

Ari: …It’ll do.


The first thing she did was check out the toilet.

Ari: Yes! I’m so glad I have one of these!

Good because I would’ve questioned if you’d reacted badly.

I then sent her off to get a job in Music, despite not having even one twelfth of the amount of money needed to buy a guitar. We spotted this on the way:


I never thought I’d see Vita Alto taking out her own trash, in fact I would’ve thought she’d have servants to do it for her. Yikes to that blusher though.


She rolled this wish in the taxi. Oh sweetie, you’ll have to wait a while until you can do that.


Job get!


What are you doing?

Ari: Texting Zelda Mae.

Your boss?

Ari: I figure she might give me a promotion faster the more heart emojis I send her.



What are you staring at now?

Ari: This movie looks good.

And do you have the money to go see it?

Ari: …No.

Didn’t think so.


Then Jared Frio came over to talk about cooking.

Jared: Hello person I’ve never met before. I just love to cook.


Ari: I always have to use a recipe!

Ari, you’ve never cooked in your life.


Jared: I just love getting all the ingredients, and mixing it all together. Really makes my day.


Jared: And then I get to eat it, like this!

I’m screaming, he actually mimed eating something. I’ve never seen anyone do that before.

*Casually quits the game to put the graphic changes into action, as well as putting Story Progression back in*

After a few tries, my previous mod problems have been fixed (turned out Master Controller Cheats was glitching up my game, which has never happened before. Thankfully the base mod works just fine)


Obligatory City Hall picture to show how pretty my graphics are now. And my game is only lagging a tiny bit. Score!


Back to Jared, and Ari tells him a joke due to her Charismatic trait, which I find strange because she also has the No Sense of Humour trait, so this shouldn’t really be happening.


But I guess it doesn’t matter anyway seeing as how bored he is.

Jared: That was the worst joke I’ve ever heard in my life. Please never talk to me again.


Gunther Goth walked by, but apparently he doesn’t like jokes either. I’m thinking maybe trying to tell jokes + the NSoH trait = a joke that nobody wants to hear.

I then hear a scream from the direction of a theatre and I turn to see this:


You okay, Jared?

Jared: I’m still annoyed about that joke.


Ari then figured jokes weren’t the way and went to talk to Susan Wainwright about music for ages.

screenshot-29 screenshot-30screenshot-31screenshot-32screenshot-33screenshot-34screenshot-35screenshot-36screenshot-37screenshot-38

No, seriously. This girl is obsessed. I’m surprised Susan could keep up. And join in.

She also rolled this:


Kind of impossible right now, I’m afraid.


Couldn’t stop laughing at this. Hank Goddard looking unbelievably happy after coming out of the theatre when all I could hear of the movie he was seeing was a girl moaning and a bed creaking.

Hank: I just love Fifty Shades of Grey.


What are you looking so angry for?

Ari: I’ve been standing staring at this woman for ages now.

Well that’s because I’m waiting for you to go do something. Or roll a wish to go do something. You’re boring me.


Ari: Maybe if you get me a guitar I’ll do things.


So I sent her to the park across the street to see if she’d do anything, and good news!


Autonomous skilling! Helpful because I think the Logic skill is needed further on in the Music career, if they go into the Symphonic branch (which she will be doing).


And then Leighton Sekemoto came to join and I internally screamed. I am such a fangirl when it comes to him, and I desperately want his genetics in my life (and my challenge).


Ari: So, you like dinner? Would you like to go get some? With me?


Leighton: That sounds like a great idea!


Leighton: But I’d have to have a bath first.


Leighton: I bet I’ll finish my plate.


She then talked about music. Again.


Ari: So, what do you do for a living?

Leighton: I’m a Professional Athlete. And I make piles of money.

Ari: Sold.


I sent her over to Malcolm Landgraab to buy a brownie, and she managed to sneeze over everything.

Ari: I’m allergic to children.

I hope not otherwise this will be the most anticlimactic Legacy Challenge ever.

But I was pretty proud of Malcolm, everything on that table was of Great Quality, so this kid’s going places.


I was sending her home so she could get some sleep, and I spotted Nancy and Geoffrey Landgraab having a romantic picnic together. Cuties!


As soon as she got home I remembered that the portal had arrived and the University mascot had been, meaning that when I sold both the portal and the Uni welcome pack, it gave us nearly 750 simoleans.


Meaning Ari got her guitar, and left us with more money than we’d had originally.

There was enough to get us a stove instead, but I figured a guitar’s way more important.

And I’m leaving it there! That was pretty long, and that was only the very first day. I promise future chapters won’t be a chapter per sim day, but I guess I just got excited this time lmao.

Next time: Ari gets her first paycheck, and some more flirting with Leighton, unless Story Progression gets to him first. I get the feeling Ari would fight though.

See you next time!


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